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5 Reasons To Avoid Using An Online Homework Help Chat

Online homework help offers numerous benefits to students and should never be wished away. Some of the justifications include

  • Lack of time due to numerous obligations and responsibilities away from school.
  • Lack of ability- where the student is unable to complete the work for lack of basic principles on the topic or the knowledge on application.
  • Language challenges- where the teacher demands the use of native language yet the student is not a native speaker. The best option becomes online homework help.
  • No motivation- the failure to understand the reasoning behind homework and how it applies in ordinary life.

Despite the justification given above, is this the best option and what alternatives are available for the student? Here are reasons why you should avoid online homework help chat.

  1. Who are you chatting with?

    While most homework chat sites have employed real and qualified teachers as tutors, the credibility of others is in question. You have no guarantee that you are chatting with a teacher who is qualified in the subject you are seeking help. This exposes the student to misinformation, misunderstanding and inaccuracy. It will lower your academic grades and lead to confusion.

  2. There is no follow-up
  3. In the absence of a designated tutor, there is no follow up to determine whether you understood the concepts or not. There is no opportunity for correction if a mistake occurs when completing your work. This means that the assistance provided is not certain and will therefore not meet your expectations.

  4. Lack of accountability
  5. The charge remains constant whether you understood or did not understand the concepts you sort assistance for. It means that the tutor on the other end does not take responsibility to ensure that you get value. It is possible that you will not get value for money.

  6. Working on your own is more valuable
  7. Completing the assignment instead of turning to online homework help chat enables you to understand the concepts better. Concepts that are understood are easy to apply in different subjects. The online tutor will also not be there during examinations. Over time, the concepts become easier to understand and the assignment takes less time to complete.

  • Save the money and hire a local tutor
  • The cost of hiring a local tutor is similar or close to that of using online homework help chat. The local tutor takes responsibility of your understanding and will follow-up to ensure that you grasp the concepts. Your siblings, parents and relatives could also help instead of spending the money online. This leaves you with more money in your pocket and a family that supports your academic endeavor.