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College Classes With No Homework: A Guide For Dummies

Well the concept of homework has been ever since our schooling days. We have crossed all the stages of junior school, middle school and then at last high school with extensive pressure of home works. After completing high school, it is our time to enter some serious education business of college life. But does college life need the same kind of strictness which we have faced throughout our childhood? Do they also have to provide extensive homework?

The theme seems to be pretty interesting but it is a matter of grave importance and has deep relevance in the field of psychology. The whole concept of homework here actually represents the method of treating a college student with similar attitude from that of a school. The work pressure increases much more in college so it might not be necessary to always burden students with added home works.

Reasons to avoid homework in college

  • Extensive pressure in college life education is more than enough. The heaviness of the subjects along with the increment of complexities in studies makes the student enough tired throughout the day. After such a hectic schedule one needs some time to rest.
  • The teaching standard in college should be such that all the works should be completed within the stipulated college lecture times. This allows the student to take the help of the professor immediately if he or she is stuck in a problem. They can consult their friend too thus it would be an effective way to do the work. So it is better to avoid homework and everything should be completed during class hours.
  • In college life we are already burdened with many types of projects and writing. The mother of all complexities arises when we are handed with our dissertation. Choosing topic, executing the whole work everything turns out to be a mess because it is the first time the students are handling such works. After all this if they are handed with more home works then nothing will turn out to be a success.
  • The whole concept of this has always been tiring and a bit frightening for many. A recent survey show excessive pressure of homework has made students to hate their school and colleges. This debate does not intend to the fact that students should be given a free will of not doing any work at all. But everything should be within limit else things get worse rather than getting better. College students are already heaped with so much work so it is better to relieve them of homework.