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How To Finish Homework Assignments In An Hour: Time-Management Tips

One of the best things about homework assignments is that they teach your time management tips. Of course, if you are short of time and only have one hour in which to complete your task, you may need a few additional tips.

When you have only one hour before your assignment is do you have absolutely no time to waste?

You want to verify how much each assignment is worth in terms of your overall grade, so that you know which task requires the most of your attention.

  • You need to make a list of all the things you need to accomplish in order to achieve whatever grade you want. So, if you need to achieve a high grade because this assignment is worth a high percentage then you need to note every single detail of the instructions. If you only need to get it completed and the actual grade you receive is irrelevant then you can simply make a broad list of what things you need to do just to pass. In either case your list is the first step.
  • With that you need to set a timer for one hour because that is the amount of time you have at your disposal. You will not have time to take a break but if you have a timer you will not stop regularly to check the time to panic about how much time you have left or don't have left. The timer takes away this distraction and allows for heightened focus.
  • After this you want to start with the biggest most complicated part of your assignment. If you have three questions to answer then you want to read over those three questions and search specifically for the answer in the text. If you need to complete five problems start with the biggest and most time-consuming of the bunch and begin. If you need to write out response questions start with the largest and go from there. Your goal is to get the biggest most difficult aspect of the assignment done and out of the way first. This will more than likely be worth the most amount of points in terms of your total grade and therefore if you complete this early on you can dedicate the remainder of the time to smaller things such as formatting or proper references. If you need expert help, contact MyHomeworkDone right now.