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An Essay Sample Answering Why Homework Should Be Abolished

I strongly believe that home tasks should be abolished as it is an additional burden on tiny shoulders. Instead classroom teaching should be carried out in such an interesting way that they pay complete focus there and when come back home enjoy stress free life.

Initial stages of life should be more centric towards physical development of kids. It’s because strong body bears strong emotional mind.

Following reasons state that homework should be abolished-

  1. Students will completely utilize their time in classroom and will develop more knowledge and better understanding of the subject this way.
  2. The simple theory says six hours is more than sufficient time to learn and understand. Adding homework jam packs the busy schedule and makes their earning monotonous.
  3. Young children have already lots of activities to perform and their day is already busy. Being involved in other activities like interaction and playing grooms their personality.
  4. By the time, the children grow, they indulge themselves in lots of extracurricular activities and think in innovative terms which brush up their skills and hone their aptitude.
  5. Students come from varied backgrounds. Some get enough support at home to complete their homework while others do not. This makes the situation unjustifiable. Teachers do not pay heed to such excuses and punish children with incomplete work.
  6. Physical activity refreshes the students and creates a lucrative environment for school. Its child’s tendency that whatever activity you will abandon to him, he will try to engross himself more in it. The idea of keeping him away from homework develops attraction for studies. Apart from that activities like riding a bike, climbing on trees and involving in activities with nature is also a good way to get experiences. Let them ask questions and you answer them then.
  7. Sometimes parent’s are engaged in some other job and fail to spend time with student’s homework. This kind of management creates adversarial roles.
  8. Mandatory home tasks de-motivate learning.
  9. It offers the feeling of school even when a student is at home. They are not free.
  10. It inculcates bad habits in children. Approximately 90 % of children do it because they are bound to do so without having an intention to learn. Since the work is not self directed, they will learn till the time they are compelled to do so.

Homework means work at home. Now the question is if our aim is to raise the level of achievement or level of learning and if our focus is on learning, I guess home task exterminates that desire to a great extent.