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Accounting Homework Answers: How To Get Them For Free

So, you are studying for a degree in accounting and have received some work to complete later, but life has uncharacteristically got in the way, and you just don’t have time to do all of the groundwork yourself. How can you get the solutions for free without feeling as though you are cheating? While we would never advocate taking short cuts in normal circumstance. We recognize that there are times when it is simply impossible to do all of the work yourself, and there is no reason that your grades should suffer as the result of a one-off incident.

Trade with your friends.

Yes, this might feel a little bit like being back in the school playground, but if your best friend has already completed the assignment and knows all of the solutions, then why wouldn’t you turn to them for help! Just remember that most people will expect something in return. Be prepared to return the favor, or offer something of equal but NOT financial value in return.

Your college website.

A lot of colleges have a stock of essays from former students, which are available for current students to access. These papers will no doubt contain the solutions that you require. In addition to helping you find the solutions to homework, they can also be used to help you structure and prepare your future assignments.

Your lecturer

In the same way that your college website will contain a whole host of useful information, and then your lecturer is also a goldmine just waiting to be tapped! I can guarantee that they will have sample essays. The reason that you give for wanting them in the first place – Well, I will leave that to you to figure out!

The library

Yes, I know that this is obvious, but you would be amazed at how many people forget to go back to basics. Your library will have a whole section dedicated to accounting, and you should easily find the answers that you need in there.


While, there are undoubtedly a whole bunch of sites that will try and get you to part with your precious dollars. There are equally as many that will contain the answers that you are looking for without paying a cent. A quick search will throw up dozens of sites. I would simply urge you to make sure that you are comfortable with whatever site you choose.